2022 Canadian Field Trial Schedule

As members of the CKC you have all received emails from the CKC regarding their new dog registration numbering system. With the exception of dogs registered as Canadian born, all dogs registered after November 1st 2019 will receive a 12-character registration number. This number will include a prefix consisting of a two-letter abbreviation of the registration type, a hyphen, and the standard 9-character registration number (two letters followed by 7 digits). The new 12-character registration number only affects dogs registered after November 1st, 2019. Note: Dog's registered as Canadian Born Dogs WILL NOT have a two-letter abbreviation or hyphen in their registration number. Canadian Born Dog Registration numbers will remain as previously issued.

As a result of the CKC changes to registration numbering system the Official Canadian Kennel Club Entry Form for Retriever Field Trials has changed. Please be sure to use the new form. It can be found at http://www.ckc.ca/CanadianKennelClub/files/99/998e6896-2f29-467f-80ef-7a297ef84d45.pdf

Important: Dogs placing in Licensed Field Trials held by clubs that have not paid their dues, will not be able to use those placings to qualify to compete in the National Stakes.