You Can Make The Difference

Everyone has to be a part of the solution if we are going to see positive changes to our field trial sport. Yes, that means you!

What you can do to make the difference:

1. Attempt to volunteer at least 3 person-days per year.

2. Make an effort to personally thank at least 3 people at each event for their volunteerism.

3. Recognize and appreciate good work by fellow competitors. Gallery applause should be commonplace.

4. Discourage gallery criticism of dogs, judges and tests.

5. Experienced competitors should go out of their way to welcome and talk with the inexperienced.

6. Celebrate the achievements of others like titles, qualifying for nationals, first finishes etc. to help people enjoy and feel good about their accomplishments.

7. Professionals and experienced Amateurs be alert to beginners. Step up and be more helpful. Encourage them, make them feel welcome and don't wait to be asked, go and offer help when you see someone struggling with their dog.

8. Be supportive of all who want to be a part of the sport, whether it's running a dog or just helping to train their best friend to be a better hunter etc.

9. Professionals and experienced Amateurs need to be open to new ideas, even when they challenge traditional aspects of the sport. The experienced can lead the way in fostering an "attitude change" in the sport.

10. Participate in initiatives by clubs and other association like picnic trials, tailgates and training days etc.

11. Be supportive of and thank the sponsors and benefactors of our sport.

12. Be proactive in improving and defending our sport by being involved and making an effort to voice your views.