Winner - 2010 National Amateur Championship

July 12-18, 2010
North Bay, Ontario

National Amateur Retriever Championship Logo

National Amateur Retriever Championship Logo

Host Club

North Bay & District Retriever Training Club
Field Trial Chairman: Hubert Shank
Assistant Field Trial Chairman: Boyd Rutledge
Field Trial Secretary: Tanya Dygos


Gerry Pozzebon, Southern Ontario Zone,
Dawne McKenzie, Central Zone,
Barry Grundy, Western Zone


6. FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Sledgehammer, Owner/Handler Connie Swanson


Left to right: Co-owners Bill and Connie Swanson, Judges Barry Grundy, Dawne McKenzie, and Gerry Pozzebon.


2. Moira River Maddy, Owner/Handler Greg MacInnis

4. After Five, Owner/Handler Jim Dorobek

6. FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Sledgehammer, Owner/Handler Connie Swanson

12. CAFC Maxflys Lumpy, Owner Barbara & Jerry Younglove, Handler Jerry Younglove

18. Stormycreek's Old Salty, Owner/Handler David Yeo

19. FTCH AFTCH Ottercreek's Gryphon, Owner/Handler Larry Baker

20. FTCH AFTCH Pilkington Casper Of Mt Granite, Owner/Handler Gerry Burmaster

35. FTCH AFTCH She:kon Kawera Hon:sti, Owner/Handler Jim Green

39. FC AFC CFC CAFC Miss T MH, Owner/Handler Pete Plourde

43. Pikingtons Caesar Augustus, Owner/Handler John Unruh

48. FTCH Kapriver Emmy Lu, Owner/Handler Vic Ricci

51. The High Roller, Owner/Handler Richard Dresser

53. FTCH AFTCH Pilkingtons Kayte of Southgate, Owner/Handler William Cumming

55. L And L Just A Gigolo, Owner/Handler Howard Simson

72. FTCH AFTCH Baypoints Star of Ladnermarsh, Owner/Handler Jerome So

Trial Results

Updated: Saturday July 17, 5:20 pm
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Daily Reports

Brought to you by National Retriever Club of Canada. Daily reports, photos and drawings by Dona Martin

Saturday July 10 - Opening Banquet

Opening Banquet festivities got underway with the head table being piped in. Master of ceremonies Hubert Shank introduced Gerry Burmaster who led us in singing the American and Canadian national anthems. Dawne McKenzie followed with a toast to the Queen and Hubert then toasted the President of the United States. Seated at the head table were; Tanya Dygos, President, North Bay & District Retriever Training Club, Gord Darlington, Chief Marshall, Dawne McKenzie, Judge, Central Zone, Gerry Pozzebon, Judge, Southern Ontario Zone, Barry Grundy, Judge, Western Zone, Marg Murray, Secretary NRCC, and Gord Benn, President, NRCC.

Gord Benn welcomed contestants to the 22nd Canadian National Amateur Championship Stake. Thanks were extended to the North Bay & District Retriever Training Club for hosting the National Amateur, sponsors; Purina the official dog food sponsor for the National and National Amateur, Entry Express official entry service for the National Retriever Club of Canada, Tritronics official e-collar sponsor, Dogs Afield official ammunition supplier, Thunder Equipment official supplier of shotgun simulators, Ducks Unlimited Canada, supplier of the finalist gifts, Connie Swanson who will provide an original painting of the winning dog. Gord also expressed thanks to Dennis Voigt for his work as the Corporate Sponsor Liaison.

Directors attending the banquet were introduced, Bill Kennedy, Jim Ling and Bruce Kelly from the Southern Ontario Zone, Bruce MacDonald from the Central Zone and Bev Fowler and David Yeo from the Eastern Zone.

After dinner, Richard Dresser President of the Ontario Retriever Association introduced a new award to be presented to an Ontario field trialer at the opening banquet when an Ontario club hosts a National or National Amateur. The new award is called the Charlie Howard Sportsmanship Award as a tribute to the true sportsmanship and contribution Charlie made to enrich our game.The perpetual trophy is a silver and crystal decanter, and the trophy given to the recipient is a bottle of scotch with a silver tag.

The 1st recipient for 2009 is Ron Modesto for his sportsmanship and tremendous contribution to raising funds for Nationals over many years. The 2nd recipient for 2010 is Ron Craig. Ron was recognized for his long time commitment to the field trial game and the work he has done at the many Nationals and club events over the years. Richard read a letter from Di Howard, Charlie’s wife who expressed her regret for missing the competition, missing the field trial friends she and Charlie made over the years, and her congratulations to the two Rons.

Field Trial Committee:

  • Field Trial Chairman - Hubert Shank
  • Chief Marshal - Gord Darlington
  • Western Zone Representative - Charles Dygos
  • Central Zone Representative - Boyd Rutledge
  • Southern Ontario Zone Representative - Ron Modesto

The judges were introduced: Dawne McKenzie, Central Zone, Gerry Pozzebon, Southern Ontraio Zone, and Barry Grundy, Western Zone. Dawne spoke on behalf of the three judges and wished the contestants good luck.


Gord Darlington, Chief Marshal, provided instructions to the handlers. The first test will be a water triple with a retired gun.

Dave Thompson, a professional trainer from Southern Ontario, followed up with the Calcutta The top dog FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Sledgehammer sold for $450. Pictured below are Dave and Hubert providing background information to prospective buyers.

Hubert & Dave

Dog #64 Mjolnir’s There and Bank Again, handled by Sharon Gierman was drawn as startingdog. Already there are 4 dogs scratched, 3, 34, 37 and 71.

Sunday July 11, Pre-National and Vetting

Sunday is relatively a quiet day spent recuperating from the Opening Banquet and the long days travelling to get here. We have contestants from both sides of the country and both sides of the border.

Disappointment for one contestant who travelled here only to find her bitch is in season. Dog #44 is now scratched. We are now down to 70 starting dogs.

Monday July 12

Test 1 - Water Triple

Sponsored by Purina, official dogfood sponsor for the National Amateur and National

Purina logo


Updated: 4:00 pm

Check back through the day as the test drawing, more photos and test details become available. 

Welcome to the 2010 Canadian National Amateur Retriever Championship. The contestants were greeted to cooler day than we have experienced in the past week. The weather forecast is for a high of 22C with thunder showers moving in later today. Current temperature is 22C with the wind SW at 10 km/h.

The judges Barry Grundy, Western Zone, Dawne McKenzie, Central Zone and Gerry Pozzebon, Southern Ontario Zone, anticipating a hot day have set up a water triple trhough a small pond to kee the dogs cool.

Test 1 got underway with honorary test dog FTCH Watermark’s All Riled Up owned by club members Jim and Shiela Andrew and handled Jim. Jim and Riley were followed to line by Nyles Watson with the female test dog, FTCH RPM Trip and Ken Crosby with the male test dog Topbrass Maple Pond Dusty Road. The planned test was a water triple with the centre gun retired. After the test dogs ran, and one of the test dogs hunted in heavy cover behind the retired gun, out of sight, the judges decided not to retire the centre gun. The test is now a water triple with the long right gun (210 yards) shooting first and throwing left, the short center gun (110 yards) throws to the right, and the last left hand gun (124 yards) is also thrown to the right. A small pond is on the line to all of the birds. Decoys in the pond are between the lines the to right and centre birds.

Jim and Riley


The first dog was called to line at 8:21 am. Sharon Gieman with dog 64, Moljir’s There and Back Again were the first contestants. The test is taking about 6-8 minutes per dog. At this point dog 74 was a no show when called to line.

Test 1


Test 1 is being run on club members Boyd and Guylaine Rutledge’s property. The test is in a mowed hayfield surrounded by dense brush typical for the North Bay area. A large clump of willow extends behind the centre gun to the left hand bird and a few white birch can be seen in the test but don’t appear to be distracting the dogs. Dogs work continues to be good. Some dogs are sliding through the short centre gun and picking up the long right gun but are still doing a good job when resent for the centre. The temperature has risen to 27C and the wind has remained steady at SW 10 km/h. A few raindrops have fallen but not enough to put up the umbrellas or seek refuge.

Test 1 Drawing


The dog work remains mostly unchanged with a few handles. The rain continues to hold off as we progress through the running order.

Gallery Shots

Gallery under Purina canopy

Test 1 gallery

Nyles Watson announced the last running dog number 63 and Test 1 was completed at 3:45 pm. But stay tuned, the judges have announced we are running Test 2, a land blind today. Callbacks were given immediately so Test 2 could get underway quickly. All dogs were called back except dog 74 which was a no show.

Test 2 - Land Blind

Updated 8:50 pm

Test 2 is a 248 yard land blind through the right corner of the pond from Test 1. The line has been moved to the right with a large flat rock just in fron of the mat. Dogs are to be run from the mat on blinds. The proper line cuts trhough the corner of the pond and runs between the right and centre birds. There are no guns in the field. The weather conditions remain overcast, however the wind seems to have dropped to next to nothing as this is being written. Rain is still pending.

At 4:00 pm Nyles Watson and Trip went to line to to run first test dog followed by Ken Crosby with Dusty. The first running dog was dog #6 starting at 4:20 pm. Its taking about 2 1/2 minutes per dog so the test is going quickly. Many dogs are having difficulty catching the corner of the pond. Callbacks will be posted as soon as they are available.

Close-up of blind planter

Bird planter for Test 2

Test 1 - Land Blind

Test 2 - Land Blind

Test 2 Drawing


The last dog ran at 7:20. Now everyone is heading back to headquarters for spaghetti dinner and callbacks. As soon as callbacks are announced, an update will be posted... Callbacks just in. All dogs have been called back to Test 3 a water blind back at the Rutledge property.

At the End of the Day

Updated at 10:45pm

At the end of a long day, contestants, judges and workers kicked back with a spaghetti dinner and country music. Members of the band included John Allard, Elmer Rose, Brian Simon, Boyd Rutledge and Hubert Shank.

The Band

The Band

Kicking up Their Heels

Rich Dresser and Sharon Gierman

Hungry Lineup

Handlers discussing days events


Tuesday July 13

Test 3 - Water Blind

Updated 12:30 pm

Welcome back to Day 2. The workers were setting up bright and early this morning. The ladies form the North Bay Club, Sheila Andrew, Carol Flemming, and Lynne Macek had the canteen open for business as the contestaants arrived. Gord and Heather Darlington, Don Beamish, Jim Andrew, Boyd Rutledge, Hubert Shank, and Nyles Watson had the test set up ready for the test dogs. Test 3 is a water blind through the length of the pond that was used in tests 1 and 2. The sky is overcast with a slight breeze NE 11 km/h. The current temperature is 19C with 88% humidity.

Morning canteen

Test dog RPM Trip, handled by Nyles did an excellent job on Test 3, a 168 yard water blind. Ken Crosby with Dusty, showed the handlers more of the hazards and what they can expect. The first running dog #20 started at 8:00 am.

Handlers have been instructed that they can move up to the flagging tape next to a point of cover seen on the left side of the blind. They wouldn’t be able to see their dog over the grassy knoll for the water entry if they didn’t move up to handle. The dog needs to just touch a point on the right side of the pond. Next, they must negotiate through some white birch on an island. The proper line to the blind is directlly through the clump of white birch. A few decoys are located to the left of the island. A short swim from the island to the shore and 25 yards through a cut field to the bird located at the base of a small spruce tree.

Close-up of Blind Planters

Bird planters at blind

Test 3 - Water Blind

Test 3 - Water Blind


The breeze has dropped off to next to nothing, temperature is a humid 20C. All of the tests so far have been getting anwsers. Dogs that had good marks did not necessarily have good blinds and vice versa. Of course there are a few that continue to do good work on all three test.


Drawing of Test 3 Water Blind

Test 3 Drawing


View from behind the line

Judge, Dawne McKenzie looks pretty in pink. Handler Lee Woodhouse gets ready to go to line

View from behind the line


With the test only taking 2 1/2 - 3 minutes per dog the last dog completed the water blind at 12:00. Callbacks were given at 12:30, with 62 dogs called back to the 4th test. Dogs 5, 10, 31, 36, 38, 52, and 65 were not called back.

Test 4 - Land Triple with a Retired Gun

Updated at 9:30 pm

Test 4 is a land triple with a retired bird at the left gun station. The centre gun is 230 yards throwin right to left. The left gun is 180 yards and is thrown left to right and the right gun is 140 yards throwing right to left. The order of the guns is centre, left, right. All stations are throwing ducks. A ditch runs across the lines to the left and centre birds.

Test 4 Land Triple

The first test dog ran at 1:50 pm. Trip ran through the right hand mark and picked up the centre bird. Nyles ended up handling on the left retired gun when it looked like Trip was sliding through to the long centre gun that she had picked up. After much discussion, the judges changed the right throw slightly so that it was not quite such a tight angle back. The second test dog Dusty slid through the left hand retired gun resulting in a hunt on the centre. When resent to the left gun, Dusty hunted the wrong side but eventually hunted his way over to the bird. The test dogs certainly demonstrated what can happen in the test.

Judges relaxing before the first dog comes to line.

Judges before Test 4


Test 4 finally got underway with dog #35 at 2:25 pm. The wind keeps switching and when the sun comes out the 25C feels more like 35C.

Test 4 drawing

We just had a bird change. Gunners and throwers coming in from the first shift included; Bruce Kelly and Mike Keddy at the retired gun, right hand gunner and thrower were Lorne Langevin and Jack Adams, and the centre gunner and thrower were Justin Dygos and Don Beamish. After the bird change the gunner and thrower at the left retired are Lorraine Hare and Justin Dygos, centre gun Chuck Dygos and Ron Modesto, and the right gun Jack Adams and Bruce MacDonald.

52 dogs have been called back to the fifth series. Dogs 7, 9, 11, 27, 28, 40, 47, 61, 70, 73 were not called back. Dog #53 will start the Land Quad.

Wednesday July 14

Sponsored by Tritronics, official e-collar sponsor for the National Amateur and National

Tritronics logo


Test 5 - Land Quad with 2 Retired Guns

Updated 5:00 pm

Contestants were greeted tody with bright sunny skies. The temperature is 20C with a slight breeze NE 13km/h. The forecast is for it to reamin sunny all day and reach a high of 27C. Lots of water is available in the holding blinds and a pool is available for the dogs to cool off in when leaving line. Today is probably a good day to have an early number.

Test 5 is a land quad with 2 retired guns. The long centre left gun, at 265 yards throwns right to left and retires. The right hand bird at 155 yards is thrown left to right and also retires. The short right centre bird is 120 yards and is thrown left to right. The left bird at 170 yards is also thrown left to right. The order of the guns is, long centre left retired, right retired, short cntre right and the go bird is the left mark. A hen pheasant is thrown for the go bird, a hen duck is throw for the short right mark, a cock pheasant is thrown at the right retired and a drake mallard is thrown for the long centre retired.

Setting up the Test

Setting up Test 5

The first test dog Trip ran at 8:05 am followed by Dusty completing his test at 8:18 am. Dog #53 was ready to go at 8:30 am.As the test is progressing, many dogs are having difficulty coming up with the right retired gun. First bird change at 10:30. A huge thanks to the gunners for the first shift; Bill Kennedy, Chris Mason, Bruce Kelly, Steve Dygos, Cy LeClair, Justin Dygos, Don Beamish, and Jack Adams. It helps when the mechanics are so godd and there are no NO birds to delay the test.

Test 5

Test 5


Sorry for the late post. I know the cyber gallery is anxious to see the test. It took a while to get all those round hay bales drawn. Imagine how the dogs feel when they come to line. I realize it is difficult to see from the photo and drawing, how big a swing the dogs have to see the 2nd bird thrown, and how obvious the centre right gun station is when the dog is swinging from the centre left throw to see the right. This might account for the difficulty some dogs are having with the right retired gun. There is a slight depression in the terrain between the 2 centre guns and the field generally slopes right to left and a mixed poplar hedgerow surrounds the field.

The wind is now E 24 km/h and the temperature has risen to 26C. Its quite pleasant sitting in the shade but getting hot in the blazing sun.

Test 5 drawing

Conditions have changed since the early dogs ran. The increased wind speed unfortunately blew an umbrella from the centre right gun station across the test while dog #8 was running. The dog got a rerun but was noticably confused. The lighting has also changed causing a large rock pile between the 2 centre guns to become more obvious and attracting the attention of some dogs. With the temperature rising the gallery has sought shade along the bush line.

Rock pile

Rock pile

Rock pile close-up

Gallery shots

Gallery shot

Galllery staying cool in the shade

More gallery


Its 3:00 pm and the last dog has just run. Callbacks will be posted when they are announced. That might not be until the Workers Party tonight. Stay tuned.

Callbacks: 42 dogs have been called back to Test 6. Dogs not called back: 8, 15, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 32, 46, 62. The 6th series will be a Land Blind back in the same field as Test 5. The starting dog will be #66.

Workers’ Party

Gord Benn, President of the NRCC kicked off the fesivities with opening remarks and a blessing. We were treated to another awesome meal catered by the Lori Degagne and The Wolf Den. Nothing beats homemade.

After dinner, Field Trial Chairman Bill Flemming and club President Tanya Dygos thanked the corporate sponsors and the many volunteers that make an event like this possible. Purina, major sponsor and official dogfood sponsor for the National and National Amateur provided the gifts that were given to all of the workers. Tritronics, official e-collar sponsor, Entry Express official online entry service, Ducks Unlimited Canada supplier of the finalists’ gifts, Dogs Afield official suppler of ammunition for the National and National Amateur, Thunder Express official shotgum simulator sponsor, and Connie Swanson who will provide an original paintingof the winner of the National and National Amateur.

A big thank you to the landowners and workers for their support in making this National Amateur a success. A special “Gold Pin” award was presented to Boyd Rutledge. Thank you to professional trainers, Chuck Dygos, Dave Thompson, and Lorne Langevin for their help. Club members and supporters were acknowledged for their tireless work: Nyles Watson, Jim & Sheila Mitchell, Jim & Sheila Andrew, Gord & Heather Darlington, Hubert Shank, Lynne Macek, Boyd Ruyledge, Guylaine Maheux, Steve Dygos, Ken & Mary Samson, Trudy Decker, Garnet & Theresa Thompson, Bill & Carol Flemming, and Cy Leclair.

The North Bay Club expressed their gratitude to and presented Purina gifts to some of the contestants and spectators who sat out in the scorching sun to gun & throw and plant birds. Bruce Kelly, Ronnie LaDuke, Bill Kennedy, Ron Adlington, Heather Stewart, Jean Richardson, Lorrain Hare, Larry Baker, Greg McInnis, Alan Kennedy, Justin Dygos, Mike Keddy, Jack Adams, Jim Green, Marg Murray, Medie Robinson, Stan Hughes, Jerome So, Ed Zeerip, Gerry Younglove, Gerry Burmaster, Don Beamish (DU Rep), Ken Crosby, Jill Richardson, Bruce Macdonald, Ron Modesto, Mark Isenberg, Pete Plourde, Chris Mason, Scott Adams, and Howard Simson.

Everyone had a good time. Items donated by corporate sponsors, club supporters, local businesses brought in lots of money for the club at the Silent Auction. The raffle table was great fun and some unnamed individuals cleaned up.

Workers’ Party

Winner’s trophy and prizes

Sing along

Boyd receiving award

Action at the Silent Auction table


Thursday July 15

Breakfast for all of the contestants and workers is hosted by Purina, one of our major event sponsors. Ammunition for the entire event is supplied by Dogs Afield.

Purina logo

Dogs Afield logo


Today starts off overcast at 20C with a slight wind out of the south at 11 km/h. It is very humid with a threat of thunder showers later in the day.

Test 6 - Land Blind with Dry Shot and Poison Bird

Updated 2:00 pm

Test 6 got underway at 7:30 am with female test dog AFC FTCH AFTCH Mjolnir’s Arwe Evenstar owned and handled by Peter Mottola. Topbrass Maple Pond Dusty owned and handled by Ken Crosby reurned as the male test dog. Both test dogs did well with just the poison bird in the field. After a brief discussion, the judges added a dry shot. The poison bird, right of line at 100 yards, shoots first followed by the dry shot to the left of line at 180 yards. The blind is 305 yards.

Dog 66 started first at 8:00 am. By 8:30 the rain had started and the gallery sought shelter under the Purina tents. The rain lasted for only a few dogs.

The poison bird is thrown in front of a rock pile, right of line. Dogs are winding the poison bird on their way by. The proper line to the blind is over a row of square bales. What isn’tobvious is the old fall form the go bird in Test 5 which is just off line to the left between the poison bird and the dry shot. There is a faint outline of a telephone pole almost directly on line in the distance behind the blind.

Test 6


Work is variable. Some dogs are having a excellent blind, and some require many whistles to negotiate the hazards. The old fall is indicated by OF in the drawing below. The bird is planted directly in front of a few square bales.

Test 6


Callbacks: 35 dogs have been called back to the 7th series. Dogs no longer in contention 16, 26, 45, 54, 68, 69, 75. Test 7 will be a water blind and dog #12 will be the first dog.

Test 7 - Water Blind

Updated: 8:00 pm

The 7th series is a 190 yard water blind. A gunner sits near the in a white jacket to the right of the line near the beaver house, with a duck on the bow of the canoe. The bird planters are in a row boat to the left of line in dark clothing. Dogs are being run from a large flat rock typical of the Canadian shield terrain. A short entry into swimming water. the proper line cuts across a rocky island which has an old duckblind on it. The next obstacle encountered is the scent coming off the duck on the boat followed by the beaver house. The shoreline falls back from the beaver house and dogs that go behind cannot be seen. There are a number of stumps and grassy clumps to attract the dog’s attention along the way. The bird is planted in a clump of weeds at the shoreline just to the right of the 2 white birch trees at the end of the pond. A white dot on the photos indicates placement of the bird.

Test 7

Close-up of island, beaver house and end of blind

Test 7 another view


Test 7 got under way with test dogs Arwen and Dusty. Both test dogs did a good job, which resulted in the judges deciding to add the gunner with the white jacket and poison bird. To improve mechanics the bird planters in the boat were moved closer to the blind but don’t appear to factor into the test. The scent coming off the canoe and the beaver house, are another story. The first dog, #12, started at 1:20. A steady rain has begun to fall. The temperature is a humid 24C with a humidex of 31C. Thats 87F for the unconverted. The wind is out of the south varying from dead calm to 11 km/h.

The X on the right side of the blind indicates the gunner in white with the poison bird. The X on the left indicates the boat with the bird planters.

Test 7 drawing

The wind direction remained constant throughout the test, however so dogs ran in dead calm and others ran in a stiff breeze. the last dog # 6 was called to line at 6:38 pm. Now we play the waiting game.

Here are a few shots from the day. The 7th series water blind was run at the Promised Land Camp.

Promised Land


Shelter from the rain

Spectators at Test 7

Getting Ready


Callbacks: 27 dogs have been called back to the 8th series, a water quad back at the same property as the 7th series. Dog #22 will start. 8 dogs were not called back. They are: 13, 14, 41, 42, 50, 56, 58, 64

Friday July 16

Once again breakfast for all of the contestants and workers is hosted by Purina, one of our major event sponsors. As the trial progress, catalogues supplied by our official online entry service, Entry Express, are getting marked up.

Purina logo

Entry Express logo


The 8th series is being run in the same pond as the 7th series. On the drive to the “Promised Land” a bear ran across the road in front of my car. The landscape is typical of Northern ontario with large stands of white pine, flat rock out crops and tag alders around the ponds. Simply beautiful.

Test 8 - Water Triple with a Retired Gun

Updated: 6:15 pm

After a heavy rain last night, the contestants are greeted with a sunny day. Starting temperature is 19C with a humidity level of 94%. There is a slight breeze W 9 km/h. The test was set up as a Quad with 2 retired guns. After the first test dog, Arwen handled on 2 birds, the long right reitired gun was removed from the test. The second test dog, Dusty ran the test as a triple with the long centre gun retired. Dusty handled on one bird. Both dogs had difficulty with the right hand boat bird which is thrown right to left at 90 yards. The shore is another 40 yards past the area of the fall. Both test dogs slid through the mark to the shore. Neither dog had difficulty with the left hand go bird at 65 yards along the shore. Although thrown from shore, the dogs must swim all the way. There is no romping water on this test, which takes about 20 minutes per dog. Both short guns are throwing hen mallards. The centre long retired gun is throwing a drake mallard at 180 yards. The pond is pristine with patches of lily pads through the test.

As the test progresses the wind is coming up and swirling in the test. Where the dog scents the bird is not always predictable.


We have how run 10 dogs with 2 handles and 8 completions.

Test 8 drawing

Just realized the order of the guns wasn’t provided. The order is centre, right, left with the centre gun retiring. It remains a bright sunny day and the wind is stronger now but continues to swirl. Of the 16 dogs that have run, we have had 2 handles and 1 dogs was picked up.

The wind has picked up to SW 35 km/h. The last dog completed running at 4:40 pm. Final tally is 4 handles and 2 pickups. Now we wait.

Judge and Handler watch dog work

Gerry and Contestant

Judge and Handler waiting for dog to complete test

Dawne and handler

Gallery staying cool in the shade

Test 8 Gallery


Callbacks: 19 dogs have been called back to the 9th series. Dogs called back are: 2, 4, 6, 12, 18, 19, 20, 35, 39, 43, 48, 49, 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 66, 72. Dogs not called back: 1, 17, 21, 22, 33, 60, 63, 67. Dog 49 will start the 9th series which is planned to be a Land Triple.

Time to Kick Up Your Heels

Updated: 9:00 pm

After the day’s work was done, Lori Degagne and The Wolf Den ladies, once again treated us to another homemade dinner. Tanya and Steve Dygos offered up some Norther hospitality behind the bar as club members Sheila and Jim Andrew took a moment of down time with helpers Cy Leclair, and Gord & Heather Darlington. Contestants and workers kicked up their heels to the country tunes provided by John Allard, Elmer Rose, Brian Simon, Boyd Rutledge and Hubert Shank.

The Band

Kickin up their heels

Saturday July 17

Breakfast was again provided compliments of Purina, The official dogfood sponsor of the National Amateur. We are fortunate to have sponsors such as Tritronics, official e-collar sponsor, Thunder Equipment, official shotgun simulator sponsor, Dogs Afield, official supplier of the ammunition used at the National and National Amateur, Entry Express, official online entry service for the National and National Amateur, Ducks Unlimited Canada, provides the finalist trophies, and Connie Swanson who will be providing an original painting of the winner of the National Amateur and the National.

Purina logo

Entry Express logo


Test 9 - Land Triple with 3 Retired Guns

Updated 11:15 am

Welcome to the last day of the 2010 National Amateur Retriever Championship. The contestants awoke to an overcast day the wind already picking up. The forecast for this afternoon is showers and a temperature of 24C. It is currently 20C with a humidex of 83%.

The first test dog was once again AFC FTCH AFTCH Mjolnir’s Arwen Evenstar, owned by Judy and Peter Motolla and handled by Peter. When Arwen ran, the long left bird was thrown left to right. Arwen did a good job on all 3 birds. When the second test dog, Topbrass Maple Pond Dusty ran, the long left bird was thrown right to left. Dusty went quite wide to the left of the bird and hooked over to the bird when he reached the end of the field. The judges decided to go with the original throw from left to right for the long left gun. Gunners retire for all 3 birds. The order is number 1, left long at 336 yards, number 2 centre 180 yards and number 3 165 yards. The centre gun throws right to left, and the right gun throws left to right. There is a drake mallard thrown at the long left gun, a hen mallard thrown at the centre gun, and a cock pheasant thrown at the right gun.

Close-up of Right Bird

Close-up of Left and Centre birds


The last dog completed the test at 10:45. Stay tuned for callbacks.

Callbacks Finalists called back to the 10th series. 2, 4, 6, 12, 18, 19, 20, 35, 39, 43, 48, 51, 53, 55, 72. Dog 72 will start Test 10, a planned Water Quad.

Test 10 - Water Quad with a Retired Gun

Updated 5:20 pm

After some brief rain showers while the 10th series was being set up, the first test dog was ready to run at 12:30 pm. Arwen performed her job as female test dog very well, The second test dog was FTCH AFTCH Revilo’s Cutting Edge owned by Marg & Tom Murray and handled by Marg. Nick also did a good job on the marks. The judges announce they were staying with the test and we were ready to run the first dog at 1:15 pm. The test is a water quad with the right centre gun retiring. The order of the guns is long left centre, long right centre, right and then left. Drake mallards are thrown for the long marks and hen mallards are thrown for the short marks. The wind has picked up significantly and is blowing from right to left across the test. The left bird is thrown left to right. All other birds are thrown right to left. There are 2 hard spits of land coming out from the left shore. The 2 right birds are thrown into cover and the left birds are thrown into the water. The left centre long bird is thrown from a boat, as is the right short bird. The distances are left 150 yards, left centre 235 yards, right centre retired 200 yards and the right mark is 135 yards.

As this is being written a number of dogs have handled on this test.

Close-up of Right Gun



Gallery shots

Judges with Handler


We have 3 more dogs to run. About half have handled. The retired gun is proving to be quite difficult.


2. Moira River Maddy, Owner/Handler Greg MacInnis

4. After Five, Owner/Handler Jim Dorobek

6. FTCH AFTCH Flatlands Sledgehammer, Owner/Handler Connie Swanson

12. CAFC Maxflys Lumpy, Owner Barbara & Jerry Younglove, Handler Jerry Younglove

18. Stormycreek's Old Salty, Owner/Handler David Yeo

19. FTCH AFTCH Ottercreek's Gryphon, Owner/Handler Larry Baker

20. FTCH AFTCH Pilkington Casper Of Mt Granite, Owner/Handler Gerry Burmaster

35. FTCH AFTCH She:kon Kawera Hon:sti, Owner/Handler Jim Green

39. FC AFC CFC CAFC Miss T MH, Owner/Handler Pete Plourde

43. Pikingtons Caesar Augustus, Owner/Handler John Unruh

48. FTCH Kapriver Emmy Lu, Owner/Handler Vic Ricci

51. The High Roller, Owner/Handler Richard Dresser

53. FTCH AFTCH Pilkingtons Kayte of Southgate, Owner/Handler William Cumming

55. L And L Just A Gigolo, Owner/Handler Howard Simson

72. FTCH AFTCH Baypoints Star of Ladnermarsh, Owner/Handler Jerome So