Saturday July 23, 2011

July 18-23, 2011
Hamilton, Ontario

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Host Club

Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club
Field Trial Chair - Bruce Kelly
Field Trial Secretary - C. Jill Richardson


Gary Randall, Mission BC - Western Zone
Jean-Luc Maheux, Vercheres QC - Eastern Zone
Larry Cleven, Winnipeg MB - Central Zone


2011 Canadian National Amateur Winner

FTCH AFTCH Mjolnir Bluebill of Allanport
Owned and Handled by Scott Adams


Left to Right: Judge Larry Cleven, Owners Liz and Scott Adams, Judge Jean-Luc Maheux, Judge Gary Randall



Photo of finalists in order. Missing Sharon Gierman
 3 NFTCH AFTCH FC AFC Taylorlab Calumet’s Big Blue owned and handled by Sharon Gierman
 5 AFTCH Flatland’s Locked N Loaded owned by Bill and Connie Swanson, handled by Connie Swanson
 6 FTCH AFTCH Moira River Maddy owned and handled by Greg MacInnis
11 Valencia’s Black Kate WC SH QFTR owned and handled by Gary Mason
12 FTCH AFTCH AFC Mjolnir’s Arwen Evenstar owned by Peter and Judy Mottola, handled by Peter Mottola
13 HRCH AFTCH L&L’s First Round Draft Pick owned nd handled by Lee Woodhouse
14 NAFTCH FTCH AFTCH FC L and L Black Tie Affair owned by Howard Simson and Lise Langlois, handled by Howard Simson
25 FTCH AFTCH RDC's Jazztime Trips Ink Spot owned and handled by Ron Addlington
28 OOO La La French Lady owned and handled by Pete Plourde
45 FTCH AFTCH Mjolnir Bluebill of Allanport owned and handled by Scott Adams
46 FTCH AFTCH Wynflat’s G.P.S. owned and handled by Heather Stewart
60 L and L’s Marsh Obsession owned by Dennis Voigt and Fiona McKay

Opening Banquet

Piping in the Head Table

The 2011 Canadian National Amateur Retriever Championship, Opening Banquet got underway with Sean Garrett piping in the Head Table. This year's National Amateur was hosted by the Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club and was held in Ancaster Ontario, just west of Toronto. Field Trial Chair Bruce Kelly acted as Master of Ceremonies toasting first the President of the United States followed by the Prime Minister of Canada. The Head Table was introduced from left to right, Marg Murray, National Retriever Club of Canada (NRCC) Secretary, Gerry Pozzebon, Chief Marshall, Gary Randall, Western Zone Judge, Gary's wife, Susan Shearer, Larry Cleven, Central Zone Judge, Jean-Luc Maheux, Eastern Zone Judge, Pat Van Bregt, Treasurer, Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club (MVRTC), Chris Bayles, President MVRTC, Jill Richardson, Field Trial Secretary, Bev Fowler, NRCC President, Peggy Kelly and Bruce Kelly Field Trial Chairman.

Head Table
Chris Bayles, thanked the workers who are so important to making the National a success. Heather Stewart was responsible for Hospitality which included the opening banquet, roast beef dinner. Appreciation was extended to the landowners who generously provided use of their land for the event. Alana Cholewa did a fabulous job of arranging Silent Auction donations and the items up for auction were well worth multiple visits back to the auction table.

Jill Richardson, Field Trial Secretary

Bev Fowler followed with a special thanks to Bruce Kelly, Field Trial Chair, Jill Richardson, Field Trial Secretary, and the generous contributions and support for both the Canadian National and National Amateur Retriever Championships made by corporate sponsors; Purina, official Dog Food supplier, Avery Sporting Dog, Tritronics, official e-collar sponsor, Zinger Winger, official remote launcher sponsor, Thunder Equipment, official shotgun simulator sponsor, Ducks Unlimited Canada, supplier of the finalist gifts, Connie Swanson, official winner portrait artist, and Winchester Ammunition, supplier of the ammunition used at this National. Bill Kennedy then acknowledged Bev Fowler, President of the NRCC.

Chris Bayles and judges

Chris thanked Tritronics for supplying the bibs that the contestants keep as mementos and Purina for supplying the contestant hats. The judges, Gary Randall, Western Zone, Larry Cleven, Central Zone, and Jean-Luc Maheux, Eastern Zone, were introduced and presented with their Judges' gifts. Before the judges were excused, a signalling paddle that was made for the 2010 National Amateur in North Bay, Ontario, and passed along to the 2010 National in Merritt, British Columbia, was presented to Gary Randall, the judge from Mission, British Columbia, to carry on the tradition.
Following the judges departure the Calcutta got underway with Professional Trainer, David Thompson acting as auctioneer, and Lorraine Hare providing dog and handler introductions. Assistance with collecting bids was provided by "Lorraine's Boys", John Mairs, Bill Kennedy and Gary Mason.
Lorraine’s Boys

Lorraine’s Boys

Auctioneer Dave Thompson

Auctioneer Dave Thompson


Everyone seemed to take it easy as the temperature was 34C with a humidex in the 40's. Vetting took place at the Hamilton Anglers and Hunters Association shooting range. Some dogs were quite excited with the rapid fire shooting going on across the pond from where the vetting took place. They were sure this National was going to set a record for number of marks in one test. All of the bitches passed so the number of dogs starting the 2011 National Amateur was 61. There was one previous scratch.
Waiting for vetting

Line-up waiting for vetting

Keeping cool under the pines

Contestants looking on

Passing the vet test

Test 1 - Land Triple

Contestants woke up to an overcast sky with the threat of thunderstorms later in the day. The temperature started at 24C and climbed to 31C later in the day. The wind was variable with a light breeze W 6 km/h. The caravan headed out from the Ancaster Fairgrounds at 6:50 am and had a short drive up the road to the location of the first test.
Test 1 was a land triple with the centre gun retired. The centre gun fired first and threw a drake mallard to the left. The left gun fired 2nd and threw a drake mallard to the right towards the retired gun. The right gun fired last and threw left to right. The long centre retired gun was 350 yards, the left gun was 120 yards and the right hand gun was 150 yards. There were a number of full body goose decoys to the left of the left hand gun.

Test 1 Land Triple


Test 1 Drawing

A light rain fell as the test was getting set up but stopped by the time Honorary Test Dog, Raven of Belle Isle owned and handled by Lloyd Jarvis came to line at 7:40 am. The retired guns remained standing for the honorary test dog but retired for the official test dogs. Raven and Lloyd did a good job on the marks. Stan Hughes followed Lloyd to line with the Female Test Dog, FTCH Duk Dawg's Hannah Joy . Hannah did a good job on all the birds with a short hunt on the wrong side of the retired gun holding blind. Tommy Robbins followed Stan with the Male Test Dog, L&L's Blue Sky Creekflyer MH QAA. Blue had a similar job to Hannah and did a good job on all of the marks. Many handlers would be happy to come out of the first series with similar work to the test dogs.
Lloyd & Raven

Lloyd & Raven

Stan & Hannah

Stan & Hannah
Tommy & Blue

Tommy & Blue

By the time the second bird change was finished, the clouds had dissipated. With that, the temperature rose to 31C with no shade anywhere. IT WAS HOT! Everyone was trying to stay cool as best they could. There were wading pools with ice water just off the line for dogs to cool off and everyone was extra cautious. The judges required only 2 holding blinds be full and the holding blinds were under shade tents in an effort to keep everyone cool.
The gap in the tree line to the left of the centre retired gun proved to be quite attractive to some dogs resulting in a few pick-ups, a number of handles on the retired gun. Of course there was some excellent work as well.
Judges before Test 1 begins

Chief Marshall and Test Dogs

Field Trial Chair Bruce Kelly announcing handlers and dogs

Contestants scoping out the first series

Callbacks: 58 dogs were called back to the 2nd Test. Dogs 17, 18, and 41 were not called back.

Test 2 - Land Blind

The land blind was 380 yards and was run through the marks from the first test. The correct line was between the left and centre guns, just to the left of the gap in the tree line, at the base of a lone small pine tree. The ending of the blind was a bit tricky with tall grass where a dog could get out of sight behind the blind. The mat was moved 15 feet to the right so the initial line was through a corner of tall grass. The test dogs both had a number of whistles but got the blind. The first dog to run was dog 35, Richard Dresser with AFTCH The High Roller. The cover at the beginning of the blind and the retired gun station caused some dogs to go right of line and require additional whistles.


The last dog finished running at 6:15 and everyone packed up and headed to the Hamilton Angler and Hunter Association Headquarters, just down the road, to wait for callbacks. It remained brutally hot at 31C and with the thunderstorms never materializing, the humidity level continued to be high.
Gallery staying under cover

Gallery watching on

Waiting for Callbacks

Time to reflect on the day

Callbacks: 54 dogs were called back to the 3rd Series. Dog numbers, 29, 37,43,62 were not called back.

Test 3 - Water Triple with an Honor

Test 3 was a water triple with an honour and the left and right guns retired. The left retired gun at 220 yards fired first and threw a drake mallard. The right retired gun shot second and also threw a drake mallard. The right gun was the shortest at 120 yards. The centre gun fired last and threw a hen mallard. The distance to the centre gun was 150 yards. The entry to the water was about 50 yards through clover and 2 lines of cover. The left and centre birds were thrown in a cut hay field populated with a number of bushes and surrounded by heavy uncut hay fields. There was an island in the middle of the test that influenced the lines the dogs took to the centre and left birds. The right hand bird was thrown on land on the far shore, in line with heavy cover on the near shore and was in shadows for the early dogs. Dog 50 started.

Test 3 Water Triple


Test 3 - Water Triple

Handlers watching test dog

Handlers watch test dog

Handlers looking on

Handlers looking on
The water was shallow resulting in the water temperature being high and very heavy slugging which caused some dogs to get out of the water to make the going easier. Once again dogs and handlers had to endure blistering heat, so only one dog was required to be in the holding blind which was in shade under a shelter. The judges got lots of answers with a number of handles and hunts on the left retired. Some dogs had problems with the left retired gun, ending up back in the centre fall area and therefore needed to be handled.
Keeping out of the sun

Gallery watching from the shade

Callbacks: 47 dogs were called back to the 4th series. Dogs 2, 4, 19, 21, 53, 55, 57 were not called back.

Test 4 - Land Blind with Poison Bird

Test 4 was a land blind with a poison bird. After Female Test Dog Hannah negotiated the obstacles in the blind successfully, the judges decided to add a poison bird to the left of the line to the blind and thrown in, from left to right. The handlers were instructed that they could move up to the ribbon to handle and could move laterally behind the ribbon. There was a steep slope down to a line of cover with a few small trees in it, which is on line. The blind was 225 yards long with the line through a narrow gap between bushes, behind which a handler could easily lose their dog. The end of the blind was tough with high grass to the left and bushes to the right.

Test 4 - Land Blind


Test 4 - Land Blind

Part way through the test there was a gunner change and the wind picked up. It became impossible to get by the poison bird without winding it. If a dog got off line to the right of the gap, it had to be handled towards the poison bird. There was no room to allow a dog to get left or right of the line after going through the gap because the dog would be out of sight. As a result, dogs had to be stopped in the gap and cast straight back. When a dog was stopped in the gap, it was looking at the poison bird on cut grass and getting a nose full. One dog got a no-bird on the poison bird because the throw was too long and landed in the gap. After the last dog ran, approximately 10 dogs had picked up the poison bird. The line through the gap was just too tight to the poison bird for some dogs, and others that made it past the poison bird had rough work. Some dogs had no problem negotiating the blind and had good work.
Callbacks: 31 dogs were called back to the 5th series. Dogs called back: 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 33, 34, 35, 38, 39, 40, 45, 46, 47, 48, 56, 60, 61. Test 4 took its toll with 17 dogs not called back.

Test 5 - Water Blind

Test 5 got underway at 12:15 pm. First up was Female Test Dog Hannah with owner/handler Stan Hughes. Hannah appeared to have difficulty picking out the handler so the contestants were asked to kneel on line for the Male Test Dog, Blue with owner/handler Tommy Robbins. Blue didn't have difficulty seeing the handler so the judges decided to go with the blind. The distance to the bird was 192 yards on a line that crossed the line to the right and centre birds from Test 3. The initial line was through uncut clover, across the channel that lead to the right hand bird in Test 3, over a point, back into the water and tight to the island but not on it. The bird was placed in cut grass, between the centre and left birds from Test 3.

Test 5 - Water Blind


Test 5 drawing of water blind

The temperature reached 34C in the shade and felt like 39C with the humidity. It was HOT! There was a slight breeze SW 13km/h which made it bearable in the shade. The canteen truck cancelled so the club came to the rescue and providing food with Kathy McInnis, Jane Thompson and Darlene Broomhead cooking hotdogs on portable BBQs for everyone. The test wrapped up around 3:00 pm so that everyone could head back to their air conditioned rooms and trailers to get ready for the workers party. 
What would we do without the Purina tents?

Seeking shade under Purina tents


Gallery watching the water blind
Callbacks: 28 dogs were called back to the 6th series. Dogs called back were; 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 33, 34, 38, 39, 40, 45, 46, 47, 48, 56, 60. Dogs not called back; 22, 35, 61.

Workers’ Party


The Workers' Party provided everyone a chance to relax and escape the heat in the air conditioned Ancaster Fairgrounds Banquet Hall. Chris Bayles, President of the Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club was Master of Ceremonies for the evening. There were so many club members and volunteers that pitched in to make this National Amateur a success. Chris recognized the support of the spouses that didn't see much of their better halves who were so busy organizing and working before and during the trial. A special thanks was extended to Field Trial Chair Bruce Kelly and his wife Peg, Chris' wife Pat Van Bregt, Social Committee Chair, Heather Stewart, Equipment Chairs, Terry and Jane Goad, Assistant, Larry Coe, Tom Robbins for all the work he has done helping everyday, Field Trial Secretary, Jill Richardson, Head Marshall Gerry Pozzebon and Assistant Marshalls, Skip Snow, Mathew Aiello, Game Steward, Peter Wycoff, Gun Captains Jill Chalmers and Barry Nelson, Alana Cholewa and her mother for organizing the Silent Auction, Traffic control, John Evans, Dave and Jane Thompson, Greg and Kathy McInnis, Dave and Darlene Broomhead, Scott and Liz Adams, Stan Hughes, Ron Craig, Orley Hamilton, Chris and Gary Mason, Medie Robinson, Suzy Bell, Heather Stewart's sister and friend, Shirley Greener, The North Bay contingent Jim and Sheila Andrew, Boyd Rutledge, and Hubert Shank, Trevor Dickens and Ken Crosby who drove in from Ottawa to help gun and throw the last few days of the trial and all of the competitors that helped out gunning and throwing.
All of the workers received a NRCC workers' pin and a Purina bag compliments of Purina Rep Mari Szauerzopf who incidentally made an extra trip home to pick up more Purina tents to shelter us from the blistering heat.
The Silent Auction, organized by Alana Cholewa, was a huge success with donations from many of our sponsors. Avery Sporting Dog donated a number of auction items as did Thunder Equipment, Zinger Winger, Tritronics, Purina. As well numerous private donations including fishing and hunting trips, professional training, taxidermy, original duck decoy carvings, and an original acrylic painting by Peter Ferin.
Checking out the auction items

Relaxing before dinner

Catching up on what’s new, Jerry Younglove and Fiona McKay

Party Time

A special presentation of the Charlie Howard Award was made by Richard Dresser, Diana Howard and Ron Modesto. The 2011 recipient of the Charlie Howard Award was Dennis Voigt for his 40 years contribution to the retriever game. Ron Modesto provided some background as to why Dennis was such a deserving recipient. Dennis was recognized for his contributions to helping owners become better trainers and handlers through Retrievers Online, training seminars, and his support of the retriever field trial community as NRCC Corporate Sponsor Program Officer and various executive positions on the NRCC, Labrador Retriever Club of Ontario, and the Pine Ridge Retriever Club, his judging assignments across North America, including 2 Nationals. Thank you Dennis.

Test 6 - Land Quad with a Retired Gun

The caravan left bright and early Thursday morning at 6:30 am for a 1/2 hour drive to Swan Haven Farms. Already it was 27C with a forecast of 38C and humidex of 47C. For those who use Fahrenheit the forecast was 100F feeling like 118F. As in many locations across North America, it was record breaking heat. The wind started SW at 20 km/hr but picked up and gusted up to 60 km/hr later in the day. With the early start it was a welcome sight to see the canteen set up making breakfast for all of the contestants and workers. Purina generously provided all of the breakfasts.
Test 6 was set among rolling hills in a cut field beside a large Ducks Unlimited Canada project. Ducks Unlimited happens to be one of our sponsors and provides the finalist gifts. The test was a Land Quad with one retied gun. The order of the guns was counter clockwise around the clock with the long right firing first, the right centre retired gun fired second, the long left centre gun fired third and the short left gun fired last. The distances were 232 yards to the right bird, 140 yards to the centre right retired gun, 145 yards to the left centre bird and 45 yards to the left mark. The long left mark was thrown right to left and all of the other marks were thrown left to right.
The Female Test Dog, Hannah with handler Stan Hughes, was called to line at 7:45 am. Male Test Dog, Blue with handler Tom Robbins followed. Both test dogs hunted extensively in the area of the fall of the retired gun without coming up with the bird. Both dogs had to be handled to the bird. At the time the test dogs ran, the right hand bird was a hen mallard, the retired gun was a rooster pheasant, the long left gun was a drake mallard and the short left mark was also a drake mallard. The long right gunners were in the shadows so the judges decided to have a drake mallard thrown instead of a hen. After the test dogs ran the short left and long right guns exchanged birds so that the short left now threw a hen mallard and the long right switched to throw a drake mallard. The cover around the retired gun was flattened and scented up.
The first dog #16 ran and also hunted extensively around the area of the fall without winding the rooster pheasant and had to be handled. After dog 16 ran, the rooster was changed to a hen mallard and the next dog did a good job on the test. Dog 16 got a rerun at the end.

Test 6 - Land Quad with a retired gun


Test 6 Drawing

The judges continued to be mindful of the extreme heat. When the last dog came off line at 12:15 pm, they decided to shut down for the day to give the handlers and dogs a break from the heat and to ensure the safety of everyone. Heat advisories were in effect and it just wasn't safe to continue in the record breaking heat.
Callbacks: 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 115, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 33, 38, 39, 40, 45, 46, 47, 48, 56, 60. Dogs 9, 16, 34 were not called back.
Waiting for Callbacks

Waiting for Callbacks

Club workers packing up

Workers packing up and preparing for next day

Purina tents keeping the wading pools cool

Club members packing up the Purina tents and wading pools

Trailer Park at Ancaster Fairgrounds

Trailers at the Fairgrounds

Ancaster Fairgrounds Banquet Hall

Ancaster Fairgrounds Banquet Hall

Test 7 - Water Triple with a Retired Gun

There was a break in the heat overnight and the contestants woke up to sunny skies and 22C. The temperature was forecast to reach the low 30's but without the humidity. There was no caravan so contestants found their way back to the test site on Swan Haven Farms on their own. Once again, major sponsor Purina hosted breakfast for all of the contestants and workers.
Test 7 was a Water Triple with the left and centre guns retired. The order of the guns was around the clock, left, centre, right. All birds were thrown left to right. The left gun was 140 yards and was thrown into an uncut strip of hay at the edge of the pond. Tucked into the cover like that, it was a hard bird to dig out. The centre gun at 228 yards was in shadow for the early dogs, making it difficult to pick out the guns and to see the throw. The bird landed on land at the edge of the water. The 3rd bird, at 75 yards was thrown out into the pond towards a spread of decoys. The decoys were not close to the area of fall and didn't appear to impact the test.
Test dogs were called to line at 7:30 and Test 7 got under way. Female Test Dog was once again FTCH Duk Dawg's Hannah Joy, owned and handled by Stan Hughes. There was a change in Male Test Dog to Blue Norths Arctic Tundra MH QFTR owned by Chris Bayles & Pat Van Bregt and handled by Chris. Hannah had an excellent set of marks and appeared to know exactly where the birds were thrown. Tundra went wide on the left retired mark, going through to hunt left of the centre retired gun before picking it up second. He then came back and picked up the short left retired fine. Tundra probably gave a good indication of the test and there will probably be a number of dogs blow through the short retired.

It was another hot day, with hardly a breeze and what there was, was variable, switching from SW to SE or nothing. As predicted, a number of dogs slipped through the left mark and ended up hunting the wrong side of the gun station for the centre mark.

Judges before Test 7 begins

Gallery watching 7th series

Workers ready for Test 7


Spare chair in the shade

Under the trees - Pete Ferin & Jill Chalmers

Callbacks: 22 dogs were called back to the 8th series. Dogs called back 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 38, 39, 40, 45, 46, 56, 60. Dogs 33, 47, 48 were not called back.

Test 8 - Water Blind with Dry Shot

Test 8 was a 300 yard water blind with a dry shot at the left hand gun station from Test 7. The mat was moved about 75 yards down the shore and to the right of the start line for Test 7. The correct line to the bird was just to the right and wide of the right hand bird from Test 7 and crossed the line to the centre retired bird. There was an 85 yard entry along the side of a hill that sloped steeply to the water.
Female Test Dog Hannah with handler Stan Hughes was called to line at 1:10 pm and did a good job, despite being out of sight in the heavy cover on line to the water entry. Male Test Dog Tundra with handler Chris Bayles was out of sight in the heavy cover for a long time and was picked up. The heavy cover was then flattened with an ATV and Chris & Tundra were asked to run again. Tundra was picked up out of sight again so the contestants were asked to stomp down the cover. Probably the first "Stomp" at a National. The first dog #45 was called to line at 1:55 pm. Most dogs did well on the blind and stayed out of trouble. There were a few exceptional jobs but generally the work was similar.


Test Dog Tundra with Chris Bayles

Handlers scoping out Test 8

Handlers and Chief Marshall Gerry Pozzebon


Callbacks: 19 dogs were called back to the 9th series. Dogs called back 3, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 40, 45, 46, 56, 60. Dogs not called back 10, 38, 39.

Brought to you by all of our sponsors

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The 2011 Canadian National Amateur would like to once again thank our sponsors, Purina official dog food supplier to the Nationals, Avery Sporting Dog, Tritronics official e-collar supplier, Winchester Ammunition official ammunition supplier. The quality of the poppers has been superb, with no misfires. Thank you as well to Thunder Equipment official shot simulator sponsor, Ducks Unlimited Canada supplier of the finalist gifts, Zinger Winger official remote launcher supplier, and Connie Swanson artist supplying portrait to the winner.

Test 9 - Land Quad with 2 Retired Guns

Test 9 was back at the rolling hills of Swan Haven Farms. The judges set a Land Quad with 2 retired guns. The order of the guns was long centre right retired 1, left centre retired 2, right 3 and the short left 4. When the test dogs ran there were drake mallards at the long centre right retired and the short left mark. A hen mallard was thrown at the left centre retired and the right gun threw a rooster pheasant. After the test dogs ran, the left centre retired mark was changed to a rooster pheasant, and the left gun station was moved to where they had thrown the bird to tighten up the test. Distances to the birds were: left 72 yards, left centre retired 122 yards, long right centre retired 322 yards and the right bird was 212 yards. Keep in mind that these were rolling hills and the dogs covered a lot more distance than that. The tree line at the back of the test was 422 yards with a pond that couldn't be seen in the valley behind the left centre mark. The left centre retired threw left behind a log and very tight to the line to the go bird. All of the other guns threw left to right. The early dogs ran under hazy condition. Once again it was dangerously hot and humid.


FTCH Duk Dawg's Hannah Joy with owner/handler Stan hughes was once again Female Test Dog. Hannah hunted the wrong side of the right hand gun and went wide and deep on the centre right retired and needed to be handled into the bird. Hannah came back wet which is when the pond behind the right centre retired was noticed by the handlers. The Male Test Dog was After Five owned and handled by Jim Dorobek. Rocka did and excellent job on all of the birds. Because of the rolling hills, the dogs are out of sight for some time on both retired guns.


Good thing the wading pool was filled with ice water so the dogs could be cooled down quickly. It took about 8 minutes a dog so they were quite hot after picking up 4 birds. Workers were quick to provide assistance to ensure dogs were cooled down safely. As the sun got higher, the long centre right retired gun station and bird became more visible. As well, glare from a building to the left of the long centre retired gun station, back in the tree line that became evident from the gallery. Not sure if it was visible to the dogs but some hunted left of the gun station in the area of the glare.
Judges before Test 9

Under the shade trees

The last dog #56 came off line at 11:33 am and it was already approaching record temperatures yet again..
Callbacks: Finalists called back to the 10th series 3, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 25, 28, 45, 46, 60. Dogs not called back to the last test 8, 15, 23, 26, 30, 40, 56

Test 10 - Water Quad with 3 Retired Guns

Test 10 was a water quad with 3 retired guns. Hens were thrown for the 2 left guns and drakes were thrown for the 2 right guns. The left and right outside guns were thrown right to left and the 2 centre guns were thrown left to right. The order of the guns was centre right, then centre left, then right and then the go bird on the left. All guns retired except the go bird on the left. Ray Smith, professional trainer from Flint River Retrievers, threw the go bird which was a huge throw with lots of hang time. Distances to the birds were, left 192 yards, left centre 265 yards, right centre 326 yards and right 250 yards. There was a significant amount of land to cover before and after the water on all 4 marks.
Test dogs were called to line at 1:25 pm. The Female Test Dog was once again Hannah and she did a good job with a hunt on the wrong side of the left centre retired. The Male Test Dog was After Five (Rocka) with owner/handler Jim Dorobeck. Rocka had to be handled to the long centre right bird.


Handlers watching test dogs

Judges and Handlers before 10th Series

There was a mix of handles, hunts and good jobs. Due to the extreme heat, a number of dogs that handled were picked up to ensure they didn't overheat. The 2011 Canadian National Amateur will go down in the history books as the hottest on record..