Saturday July 21, 2012

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The 2012 Canadian National Amateur would like to once again thank our sponsors, Purina official dog food supplier to the Nationals, Avery Sporting Dog, Tritronics official e-collar supplier, Winchester Ammunition official ammunition supplier. The quality of the poppers has been superb, with no misfires. Thank you as well to Thunder Equipment official shot simulator sponsor, Ducks Unlimited Canada supplier of the finalist gifts, Zinger Winger official remote launcher supplier, and Connie Swanson artist supplying portrait to the winner.
Purina has again generously supplying breakfast to all of the workers, competitors and spectators.

Test 10 - Delayed Water Quad with 2 Retired Guns & Double Shot

Updated: Saturday 3:00 pm


It’s finally here, last day, last test. Lots of speculation over who has run the best trial so far, but all that can change with this test. Overnight it rained and it restarted while the test was being set up. Temperature is 15C with a 28 km SW wind gusting to 37 kmh.
Gunners Before 10th Series                                   Glenn Norton & Lois Aitken After Getting Unstuck
Test 10 is a delayed quad with the centre left gun retired, the centre right gunners in a boat, and the right hand gunners high on a hill throwing down into the marshy grass so that the gunners in the boat and their bird are under the arch. The order of the guns is centre left retired throws first, followed by the centre right boat bird, and then the right hand go bird. The right hand gun fires, then throws the bird and then fires again at the top of the arch. The 4th gun on the left is not visible when the initial 3 guns are fired. They come out to throw when the dog is on its way back with the go bird. The handler can signal when ready, for the bird to be thrown. Drake mallards are thrown for all birds. The centre left retired gun station throws right to left, angled back behind the ridge that the gunners stand on. The centre right boat bird is thrown flat along the shore from right to left, and the right hand gunners, high on the hill also throw right to left. The throw is straight out and downhill into the high marsh grass, far enough from shore so that the gunners in the boat and their throw are under the arch. The left hand bird is thrown flat into the test from left to right, into the high marsh grass. After the dog picks up their bird, the gunners retire. There is a very strong crosswind coming from right to left across the test. Distances to the marks are 75 yards short left, 250 yards long centre left retired, 200 yards to the centre right boat bird, and 80 yards to the right hand mark. The dogs have a significant swim for both the boat bird and the long retired. Not for the feint of heart. Both the outside marks are thrown into the high marsh grass and the handler can only catch glimpses of the dog during its hunt. The line to the boat bird cuts under the arch of the right hand mark, through the high grass with the dog out of sight for some time before it reappears in the swimming water on the way to the boat bird. Handlers can see their dog all the way to the retired gun but depending on the hunt, the dog can go over the hill behind the gun station out of sight or down in the swale between ridges.
The female test dog was called to line at 9:55 am. A heavy rain was falling with a strong crosswind. Laurent LeBlanc with Baypoint’s Ms Frenchy had a quick handle on the right hand go bird because she was going deep to the boat bird. She had a good left hand mark. On the boat bird, she had a good initial line but faded right to the wrong side of the boat and hunted deep on the wrong side before recovering and working her way over to the bird. On the retired gun, Frenchy carried a good line across the pond to the holding blind, She then hunted down to the shore, back up the hill around the holding blind and then down the hill to the bird. A good hunt.
The male test dog AFTCH Tealcreek High Tyde Coot, owned by Dona & Donald Martin and handled by Donald, was called to line at 10:15. It took twenty minutes to run the first test dog. For the Male test dog, the judges moved the running line to the left about 15 feet. This opened up the backside of the boat bird to allow the dogs ample room to hunt the wrong side. Cooter did an excellent job on both outside birds, although he couldn’t be seen in the high grass all of the time. On the boat bird he carried an excellent line under the arch and faded right enough to get on to higher ground and see the boat. He then adjusted his line and went directly to the bird. It started to pour buckets while Cooter was on his way back with the bird. On the retired gun, Cooter fought the wind and rain across the pond and on the far shore corrected to initiate his hunt under the arch, halfway uphill. He had an intelligent hunt up then down the hill under the arch to come up with the bird.
The first dog number 36 received a no bird and had to go back three dogs. The rain has pretty well stopped when the first running dog was called to line. The wind on the other hand and remained constant and strong. Although, during the test the wind changed from a crosswind to more of a downwiind direction. The last dog was called to line at 2:55 pm. Generally work was similar with dogs squaring up the hill to the retired gun station and hunting the top of the hill before working their way down to the bird, a few dogs handled. Nobody had difficulty with the left hand mark. .



2012 Canadian National Amateur Winner


FC AFC Night Wings Marsh Leader
Owned and Handled by Sherwin Scott




5 MHR One In A Maximillion, Owner: Roberta Speer, Handler: Roberta Speer
16 FTCH AFTCH Maralan's Kids Wanna Rock, Owner: Ian & Debby Montgomery, Handler: Ian Montgomery
18 AFC Jazztime Bluegoose's Skatch, Owner: Larry & Anna Calvert, Handler: Larry Calvert
20 FTCH AFTCH RDC's Jazztime Trips Ink Spot, Owner: Ron Adlington, Handler: Ron Adlington
24 FTCH AFTCH Revilo's Cutting Edge, Owner: Tom & Marg Murray, Handler: Marg Murray
31 Noremac's Undertaker, Owner: Brian Griffin, Handler: Brian Griffin
33 Jazztime Bluegoose's Ruger, Owner: Larry & Anna Calvert, Handler: Anna Calvert
36 AFC Moonstones Sea Biscuit Run, Owner: William & Sarah McKnight, Handler: Bill McKnight
37 Mjolinir's There And Back Again, Owner: Harold & Sharon Gierman, Handler: Sharon Gierman
46 FTCH AFTCH Bulrush Yellow Bud, Owner: Ron Bischke, Handler: Ron Bischke
47 Spring Creek's 5-Star Adventure, Owner: Jeff & Judy Cornell, Handler: Judy Cornell
48 FC AFC Night Wings Marsh Leader, Owner: Sherwin Scott, Handler: Sherwin Scott