Friday July 20, 2012

Updated: Friday 6:45 pm

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Test 8 - Land Quad with 2 Retired Guns

Today, contestants and workers were treated to breakfast compliments of Purina, official dog food sponsor of the National and National Amateur. Purina generously provides breakfast on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for every National and speaking from experience, is gratefully appreciated.
The judges decided to take advantage of the cool morning and overcast skies to run a Land Quad for Test 8. Once again the terrain is extremely demanding with the running line on a very steep hill that the dogs must negotiate up and down for every mark. Test 8 is a land Quad with the centre left and centre right guns retired. The 2 outside gunners remain visible. Distances to the marks are 190 yards to the left visible mark, 170 yards to the left centre retired, 245 yards to the long right retired gun, and 175 yards to the right hand visible mark. The order of the guns is left centre retired thrown first, then long right retired thrown second, right hand visible mark thrown third and lastly the left hand mark thrown as the go bird. The 2 right hand marks are throwing cock pheasants, the left centre retired is throwing a hen mallard and the left hand visible is throwing a drake mallard. The right hand go bird is thrown left to right and appears to be a flat throw along the ridge of mixed buck brush, grazed grass and thistles. All other birds are thrown right to left. The centre retired bird is thrown flat from the base of the ridge out into a puddle in the middle of a high grassy slough. The right hand bird is thrown straight up hill, and the right retired bird is thrown from across the slough to the base of the hill. The test is essentially a downwind test with the wind gusting from the running line up between the 2 left marks.
Judges Before Test 8

At 7:40 am the male test dog, Maralan’s Man in Black, owned by Ian & Debby Montgomery, and handled by Debby, was called to line. Then the male test dog ran the order was long right retired, short left retired, right, the left. For the final test the order was reversed for the 2 retired guns and the order for the 2 outside guns remained the same. Debby primary selected on the short left retired gun and the dog hunted the ridge behind the gun station before working it’s way out into the slew. Debby chose to take out the right hand visible mark second and Sue held an excellent sidehill line to the bird. Next Debby sent her dog for the left gun and had a good job with a small hunt under the arch to the bird. For the the long right retired gun, Sue had a good line through the slew and at the end went right of the gun station, curled back down and hunted over to the bird.
The female test dog was FTCH AFTCH Fifth Avenue’s Rockin Reba, owned by Gord & Marlene Benn and handled by Marlene. The judges changed the order of the guns for the female test dog and this is the order they went with for the test. So the final order was left retired first, then right retired, then right hand visible and then left visible. Reba was sent for the left go bird first and did a good job. She was sent for the short retired second and skirted along the right side of the slew and hunted the ridge behind the gun station before leaving and ending up at the long retired gun. She hunted both sides of the gun station before finding the bird. Reba was sent for the right hand visible mark next and did not carry a good side hill line and fell off the hill. At the bottom she corrected and ended up at the gun station, put on a small hunt before working her way up to the bird. When resent for the short retired, Reba was going long, back to the long retired gun and needed to be handled to the bird.
Dog 2 was called to line at 8:30 am.


We are well over half way through the test with a few good jobs, some big hunts and a number of handles. At least one, possibly 2 dogs have picked up. The judges will now have 8 tests to look at when determining callbacks.
To try and give you an idea of just how BIG these hills are, this photo is taken from the trucks looking up at the gallery and the judges’ tent.

Callbacks: 5,16,18,20,24,31,33,36,37,46,47,48. Dogs not called back to the 9th series:1,2,6,11,12,22,35,42. There were 12 dogs called back to Test 9 which will be a Water Blind. Dog 20 will start.

Test 9 - Water Blind

Updated: Friday 6:45 pm
The first test dog was called to line at 2:20 pm. Debby Mongomery with male test dog, Sue ran a downwind relatively square entry shoreline blind, across a grassy ridge about 180 yards out with a re-entry into another pond, across that pond with an exit uphill about 30 yards to the blind. Handlers lose sight of the dog in the marsh grass on the re-entry into the second pond. Sue came out right on line and Debby did a good job of challenging the line to the blind and keeping her dog in control.
For the female test dog, Reba handled by Marlene Benn, the running line was moved to the right about 20 yards, across the road and higher up on the hill. The end of the blind was moved to the left about halfway across the hillside behind the second pond. This change made for an onshore wind. Tthe line to the blind started out as a shoreline blind and then the dogs have to carry their line away from shore, across the corner of the first pond. The line across the grassy ridge and marsh grass is more of an angle and the dogs can disappear behind the bush on the ridge. The re-entry is an angle across the second pond and exit uphill to the blind on the hillside behind. Distance to the blind is 270 yards and distance to the grassy ridge is 180 yards. Reba had difficulty crossing the ridge between the two ponds and required multiple whistles. The second female test dog, Baby Ducks Voo Doo Thing, owned and handled by Al Custers, had a wide line through the first pond and had difficulty on the ridge and entering into the second pond.


The last dog completed the test at 5:30 pm. Now we wait until they announce the Finalists.


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Roberta Speer
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