Sunday July 15, 2012

Updated: Monday 2:15 pm
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Brought to you by the National Retriever Club of Canada. Daily reports, photos and drawings by Dona Martin.


The 2012 Canadian National Amateur Retriever Championship is being held just outside of Red Deer, Alberta which is about an hour north of Calgary, home of the Calgary Stampede. If you happened to check out the Saturday report you would see that the judges wrapped up their setup early and headed to the Stampede to take in the sights and the Brad Paisley concert. Sounds like they had a good time.
Headquarters in nestled in cattle country with rolling hills interspersed with poplar groves and natural ponds. Lots of changes in cover and elevation should make for a challenging National Amateur. It’s a somewhat quiet day with a light drizzle falling and the forecast of rain all day. Most contestants are taking to opportunity to relax and prepare for the upcoming week.
Camping at Headquarters




Opening Banquet

The 2012 Canadian National Amateur Retriever Chmpionship, hosted by the Red Deer Retriever Club, got under way with the Opening Banquet held at Crossroads Ag Park in Pine Lake Alberta.
Alls Calm

Contestants Enjoying Themselves Before Getting Down to Business



Head Table were piped in and Field Trial Chair, Don Pollock “paid the piper”

Field Trial Chair Introduces the Head Table

Left to right: Marcella Spence, Judy Dreeshen, Rod spence, Marg Murray, Rob McDougald, Jerry Younglove, Bill Kennedy, Fred Benjaminson, Beth Pollock, Earl Dreeshen

President Len Pugh introduced and thanked the Olson Family for the generous use of their land as well as Beth and Don Pollock for their hard work and devotion to putting on this 2012 National Amateur Retriever Championship. Len expressed the Club’s gratitude to Earl Dreeshen (Member of Parliament - Red Deer) and his wife Judy for arranging use of the Crossroads Ag Park and their ongoing community support.

NRCC Director Bruce Macdonald, then took stage to thanks the sponsors and give them tokens of appreciation. First Bruce expressed a huge appreciation for our major sponsor and official dogfood supplier to the National Amateur and National, Purina, represented by Les Oakes. Bruce expressed his gratitude on behalf of the NRCC to another sponsor, Ducks Unliimited Canada which donates all of the Finalist gifts, DU representative Jim Couch, was on hand was . Absent but very much appreciated were sponsors Avery Sporting Dogs which along with Purina supplies the handlers’ jackets, Thunder Equipment. official supplier of shotgun simulators, Zinger Winger, official Remote Launcher Supplier of the National and National Amateur Championship Stakes, Winchester Ammunition which supplies the blank shotgun shells for the 2012 Canadian National Amateur. Bruce then thanked two sponsors that attended the banquet, Connie Swanson who supplies a portrait of the winner and Glenn Norton who supplied many items for the Silent Auction table from Home Hardware. A special note and thanks to the US sponsors ans competitors for supporting our National Amateur and National to the extent that they do. In appreciation Bruce suggested the we make the US an 11th province aptly named the United States of “Eh”.
Don Pollock once again returned to offer his deep appreciation to the Committee Members for their support and without whom this event could not be undertaken. Next, Sherwin Scott, one of the American competitors, asked to say a few words about the Canadian hospitality and friendships he has developed over the years. He remarked on how encouraging it is to see the competitors cheering on each others dogs and hoping that the tests bring forth the best, happy for the dog that wins and not wishing for dogs to fail to achieve that.
Special mention was given to long time field trialer Ray Koskinen, who is 90 years old and is running dog 27 FTCH AFTCH REVILO’S EASY PIC. Fred Benjaminson, President of the National Retriever Club and Marg Murray, Secretary/Treasurer, presented the judges with their gifts before they departed for the night and the Calcutta was started.

Judge Rob McDougald Receiving Gift (Note Red Tartan Kilt)

Rod Spence, Chief Marshall reads Judges Instructions

The 1st Test will be a Land Double with a Retired Gun and an Honour. Dead ducks will be used. Should a dog receive a “No” bird, It must wait 3 running dogs before returning to line. In the case where a dog receives a second “No” bird, it shall run at the end of the test. Two holding blinds should remain full at all times. A third holding blind will be used in the event of a “No” bird. Good luck to all!
Before the judges departed, we were entertained by Elvis impersonator, Claude Berube. Everyone really had a good time and enjoyed the show.


Cacutta Auctioneer - Glenn Norton

To change things up this year Glenn offered up 3 dogs for auction at one time. The names of the dogs were unknown. Bidding topped out at $250 dollars before ending and the winner found out that he had just bought the 3 dogs that were scratches. Bidding started out a bit slow for the early dogs so Glenn ended up purchasing the first 4 dogs before bidding picked up and some of the handlers started bidding. It was great fun and Glenn kept us entertained the the evening flew by, At the end of the night dog #28 FTCH AFTCH PILKINGTON’S JOEY’S ON THE LINE was drawn as the first dog to run.