Thursday July 19, 2012

Updated: Thursday 7:00 pm
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Test 7 - Water Triple with a Retired Gun

For those of you wondering why so late this morning, the judges announced at the Workers’ Party that we would start at 10:00 am to allow everyone could enjoy the party. Westerners sure know how to throw a party, right down to the Prairie Oysters compliments of the land owners. More about the Workers’ Party later.
Judges Showing Off Their New Cowboy Hats

Test 7 is a water triple with a retired gun. The weather conditions are bright and sunny with a steady crosswind breeze from right to left. The temperature is currently 17C and is forecast to get to the mid 20s.
The order of the birds is clockwise from left to right and all birds are thrown left to right. The left gun station retires and is very well brushed in and blends in perfectly with the hillside behind. The centre gun station is in a boat. Yes, a boat bird in the West. Both outside gunners throw drake mallards and a hen mallard is thrown in the centre. Distances to the marks are 170 to the right hand go bird, 190 to the left retired mark, and 220 the the centre boat bird. The left hand bird is thrown out into the marsh grass about half way to the visible water, and the centre bird lands just inside the cover at the far end of the pond. The go bird lands on top of a hill and the line to the bird skirts along the side of a pond, not visible from the line. We’ll see how that influences the lines taken to the other birds which are through high marsh grass and swimming water. The going is very tough through the marsh grass. With the soft bottom the dogs really have to work hard and stay focussed. There will be some very tired dogs at the end of this.
First to line at 10:30 was Male Test Dog, FTCH AFTCH Telgar’s Herbie Fully Loaded, owned by Gord & Marlene Benn and handled by Gord. Herbie had a good right hand mark, was sent for the centre visible boat bird second and hunted the wrong side of the boat before working his way over to the bird. Herbie had a good retired left hand bird. He appeared to wind the bird from under the arch.
Female Test Dog was FTCH AFTCH Fifth Avenue’s Rockin Reba, owned by Gord & Marlene Benn and handled by Marlene. For Reba, the judges changed up the test and retired the left and centre guns. Reba did a good job on the right hand mark. She was sent for the left retired bird second and took the high road to avoid the heavy going in the grass marsh and pond. She ended up hunting the wrond side and deep on the gun station and at one point went over the hill and appeared to wind or see the centre gun. She had to be handled in to the left mark. The judges had the centre gun become visible for Reba to be sent. She took a wide line to the right, curled into the boat and then hunted over to the bird. The judges decided to retire only the left hand gunners.


As the test progresses, there have been a number of handles on the left retired bird with dogs wanting to keep in the water and swim by. A few dogs have had excellent marks on all three birds. The judges announce that there would be no other test today, leaving time to finish the all important Handlers’ Scramble which involves one team member being blindfolded and carrying all of the equipment to a gun station, under the radio directions of their team mate.
Callbacks: 1,2,5,6,11,12,16,18,20,22,24,31,33,35,36,37,42,46,47,48. Dogs not called back to the 8th series: 19,25,30,45. Test 8 is a Water Blind. Starting dog has not been announce at this time.