Friday July 21, 2017

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Hosted by the National Retriever Club of Canada. Daily reports, photos and drawings by Dona Martin

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Test 7 - Water Blind

Beautiful morning, the sun was shining, moderate temperatures 18C to begin and forecast to get to about 23C. Although the weather stated light breeze 8 km/hr SW it felt more like it was coming into the test from the East. It could be the influence of the surrounding mountains. The test was run almost directly due North. Test 7 was a water blind run from the top of a very steep, high dyke. Once the dog crossed the road, the handler could move forward to the edge of the dyke to see the dog. It was about a 50 foot drop to the water’s edge. To be on line, the dog should be close to the right side of the slough and then cross 2 points on the left side, then cross a shallow bay to the blind on the left shore. Decoys were planted just behind the first and second points and out in the middle to the right of the blind. Keep in mind the dogs picked up their last blind in the middle of some decoys. The bird planter was dressed in white and hidden in a boat tucked into a small bay to the left and behind the 2nd point. He was not visible from line but could be seen by the dog after it went through the 2nd point. Both points were high grass and the dogs swam or romped through them. The water was extremely congested with weeds and very physically demanding. In fact, almost all of the tests have been very physically demanding with the heat, hills and thick water cover. The blind was 160 yards and took about 8 minutes per dog.


Male test dog was FTCH AFTCH Wingbusters Luke Skywalker, owned and handled by Gary Randall. Luke demonstrated just how hard it was to swim in this water. He needed a number of whistles to keep him on line, and after the 2nd point it appeared he wanted to go out to the decoys to the right of line. It took a few casts to convince him to go across the shallow bay to the blind. Female test dog was FTCH Pokolodi’s Hello Hello, owned by John Hatfield and handled by Jane Spearing. Echo hugged the left shore for the first half and wouldn’t cast out into the water until she reached the 1st point. She got through the slot on the first point and curled left and needed a few casts to get her on line going through the 2nd point. She curled left after the 2nd point and appeared to be sucked in by the bird planter in white but recovered and handled to the blind.
OMG - What’s That

Workers - Backbone of our Nationals

Callbacks: 17 dogs were called back to the 8th series which is scheduled to be a water triple. Dogs called back; 1,2,5,7,8,11,12,13,15,17,18,20,21,23,32,37,45,. Dogs not called back; 25,26,47,49. Dog 23 will start.

Test 8 - Water Triple With 2 Retired Guns and an Honour

Test 8 was another physically demanding test through heavy duck weed across the entire pond. It was mostly swimming with the cover along the edge a heavy mat that the dogs had to slug through. No birds landed in the water for a splash. The order of the guns was long centre retired, then the left retired and then the short right hand go bird remained visible. The honour was to the right of the running dog. Drake mallards were thrown at the 2 retired gun stations and a hen mallard was thrown for the go bird. Distances to the birds were; 155 yards left, 250 yards centre and 60 yards right hand go bird. To begin withe, the wind was blowing down the slough angling from right to left 13 km/hr SW. The test was run NE to SE. The left bird was a contrary throw from left to right into the test, landing just to the right of a large bush in high grass. The gunners stood to the left of the bush and then retired behind. The long centre bird was thrown tight angle back into cut hay along a blackberry hedgerow. There was a critical period after the dog exited the water on the far shore where they were out of sight and could easily show up at the left or centre mark.


Male test dog again was Luke with Gary Randall handling. Luke had no problem with the go bird. For the left mark he crossed the pond directly in line with the centre mark. When he exited, he hung a left out of sight behind the tall grass and next time he was seen, he was coming back with the left hand bird. For the centre mark, he took the identical line across the water and looked like he was going to drive through to the centre bird. Unfortunately he broke down and hunted the backside of the high grass before being handled out of the left hand fall to the centre bird. Female test dog was Emmy Lou’s LA Exprees, owned by Gord & Marlene Benn and handled by Marlene. Unfortunately Emmy broke on the go bird but did a nice job retrieving the duck. Next, Emmy started on a good line to the left hand bird but squared across, exiting at the same spot as Luke. She immediately turned left but then drove deep to pick up the long centre bird. For the left mark, Emmy took a line along the near shore and had to be handled across the pond. She then tried to go back to the centre mark and and was handled.
Mechanics are so important when running a National. Thanks to Winchester Ammunition for donating the popper loads, we have had no misfires. Landowners are an integral part of National events as well. There generosity in allowing us to use their properties is appreciated. As well, donations from our official sponsor and dog food supplier, Purina and our major sponsors Garmin and Avery all contribute to a successful trial and silent auction. Kudos.
Some of the competitors found a treasure trove of daikon radishes in the field where we were parked. Apparently quite a delicacy.
Marlene Benn and Emmy

Daikon Radishes

Callbacks: 12 dogs were called back to the 9th series which is schedule to be a land quad. Dogs called back; 1,5,7,8,11,12,15,17,21,23,32,37. Dogs not called back 2,13,18,20,45. Dog 7 will start.