Wednesday July 19, 2017

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Hosted by the National Retriever Club of Canada. Daily reports, photos and drawings by Dona Martin

Brought to you by Avery Sporting Dog, official sponsor of the National Amateur

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Test 4 - Land Triple with 2 Retired Guns and an Honour

With the intense sun it is apprciated that our sponsors Purina and Avery Sport Dog have provided canopies for the judges and workers.

Another beautiful morning, clear skies and 17C, scheduled to get up to 24C. The wind was 3 km/hr N but swirling around the hills and surrounding trees so felt variable at line. The test faced NW. Test 4 was an indented land triple with the centre and right hand guns retired. The left go bird remained visible. The field is uncut hay intermixed with blackberry vines with rolling hills falling off to the right. The order of the guns was long right retired, short centre retired, and then long visible left. Distances to the marks were; 312 yards to the right retired, 192 yards to the centre retired and 280 to the left go bird. All birds were thrown right to left. A drake mallard was thrown for the right mark and hen mallards were thrown for the other 2. The left go bird was thrown downhill in front of a pair of cedar trees. Branches were placed on the ground where the bird landed so that it was not instantly visible when the dog got to the area. The centre mark was thrown from a depression in the middle of an uncut hay field uphill. The gunners retired immediately under ghillie blankets and were seated on the ground with backrests. The right hand mark was thrown flat into uncut hay. There was a road that cut between the right and centre gun stations.


Female test dog Raya with handler Doug Richmond ran first. For the left go bird, Raya drove uphill and hunted the wrong side before working it out. Doug chose to send Raya for the right hand retired mark second. She went under the arc and hunted over to the bird. For the centre check down bird, Raya took a line that was left of the bird and appeared to wind the bird and took a sharp right turn directly to the duck. Driver ran his marks in a slightly different order. He appeared to want the centre mark first, so when he was sent for the left hand go bird he got part way out and turned right to hunt and pick up the centre mark first. He was then sent to the right retired. Driver took a line that was left of the line to the mark and corrected to the gun station, hunted the area over to the bird. For the left visible mark, Driver went under the arc, behind the gunners and then hunted his way downhill to the bird. The guns went off at 8:30 am for the first dog #38.
At 12:30 pm we were not quite half way through the running order. There were 3 pickups and numerous handles with the majority of the handles with the earlier dogs before the wind picked up. Dogs were driving deep on the centre check down bird and going out of sight over the hill and either showing up at the right hand mark or having to be handled back into the centre bird.
Gallery Shots


The last dog came off line at 3:15. In the end there were 13 handles and 6 pick ups. Looked like the judges were in the driver’s seat.
Callbacks: 31 dogs called back; 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,10,11,12,13,15,16,17,18,20,21,23,25,26,28,30,32,37,38,41,42,45,46,47,49. Dogs not called back; 6,9,14,19,24,27,33,40,43,49. Dog 1 will start the 5th series which is planned as a water triple.

Workers’ Party

After a long day in the hot sun, it was time to show some appreciation to all of the volunteer workers, landowners and sponsors. Without them, we could not hold these quality National events. As an added bonus, the Association of BC Retriever Field Trial Clubs picked up the tab for dinner. Jane Spearing made the announcement with a brief explanation of how the Association came to be and the fact that BC clubs have over the years been paying into a collective fund formed to support Nationals in the province. Dinner was tasty BBQ chicken with salads and for dessert, dress your own ice cream with local berries, Reeses Pieces, syrup, and whipped cream. Yum!
Jane then went on to thank our sponsors, Nestle-Purina the Official Sponsor of the Canadian National Open and Canadian National Amateur Retriever Championships, Official Dog Food Sponsor and the Official Dog Food Supplier to the National Retriever Club of Canada, Avery Sporting Dog, Garmin Tri-Tronics official e-collar supplier, Winchester Ammunition official ammunition supplier. Thank you as well to Ducks Unlimited Canada supplier of the finalist gifts, Zinger Winger official remote launcher supplier, and Animal Portraits by Connie Swanson for supplying portrait to the winner. Thank you also to local sponsors Stu & Diana Mead who donated the handler jackets, Cabela’s and Save On Foods.
Dave Douglas, Master of Ceremonies, started by thanking the landowners for their generosity in letting us use their property. Thank you gifts were presented to the landowners by Jane Spearing. These landowners do not field trial or run dogs, but even so, offered their properties to hold the event on. A big thank you to; Ken Webb, Thorn Yeomans, Robert & Karen Dale, and Rick & Sue McKamey.
Next, Dave acknowledged each worker, Jane Spearing presented them with a goodies bag, while Dan Danforth, NRCC Director from Alberta presented NRCC Workers’ pins. Many of these volunteers worked behind the scenes for over a year. Others were out at the crack of dawn each morning and worked well after the test finished for the day. Thank you to; Ian Montgomery, Rick Regamble, Nolan Nelkenbrecher, Lynne Johnson, Dan Vaughn, Mickey Rawlins, Judi Dunlop, John Simonette, Judi Simonette, Val, Beliak, Barry Kolodychuk, Gary Randall, Daniel Lapalme, Taryn Vanderkooi, John Vanderkooi, Susan Shearer, Allyson Webster, Karen Nelkenbrecker, Bev Tecklenborg, Bruce Macdonald, Dona Martin, Joanne White, Cheyl Young, Collette Kolodychuk, Brenda Richmond, Mary Brunold, Dave Douglas, Linda Page, Ken Lorenz.
Following dinner there were numerous door prizes presented to the lucky ones, and the draw for a Garmin Tri-Tronics Pro 550. The Silent Auction closed at the end of the evening and everyone was able to pick up their winnings before they left. A great money maker for the host club thanks to the generous donations by sponsors, local businesses and individuals.
Scenes from the Workers’ Party